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Family owned sinced 2005

Beverly Bakery started out as a full-line bakery with the goal of baking memories. It is a place where a 16- year- old can work their first job. Neighbors can run into each other, picking up freshly roasted pound coffee for home or picking up donuts for the firehouse. It is a place of community built by all of your great suggestions.

Like our family, the bakery has changed over the years. Meet our family:  

Jim Quigley, our main coffee roaster has brought his passion for great coffee to the neighborhood.


Megan Quigley, who has roasted thousands of pounds of coffee.  She is a customer service expert and can knock out an Excel spreadsheet in no time: a graduate of the University of Illinois Chicago, Entrepreneurship. Most know her as a Beverly Art Walk artist, come check out her paintings and earrings any day of the week. 


Lauren Quigley, you may see her visiting, picking up a coffee or breakfast. She has been on the bakery's Board of Directors since she was nine. She said the bakery needs an "about section," on the website, tada.


 Finally, Jean Marie Quigley (founder)who practices her flower arranging skills,

in a vase daily at the bakery with cut flowers from her home garden. 


Now, to introduce important family members customers know and love.


Sharon Quigley:  She is early bird, icing the donuts and starting the coffee in the morning at the bakery. She is a live performance musician and longtime member of "The Blend" a three-piece group who plays locally.

She, also, offers piano and guitar lessons for students from kindergarten through retirement.


Auntie Barbara: hospitality expert, known for her wit, and the creator of "Dance Friday at the Beverly Bakery," is using her creative abilities outside the bakery: We have plenty of batteries for her "Golden Microphone," when it is time to bring back "Dance Friday."

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