Mexican Dark Roast

Mexican Dark Roast

Organic Mexican Dark Roast
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    Organic Fair Trade
    Organic Chiapas Mexican
    Along with coffee produced in the
    neighboring Mexican states of
    Veracruz and Oaxaca, in the far
    south of Mexico, Chiapas coffee
    enjoys “denomination of origin”
    status, similar to the legal regional
    classifications of wine in Europe.
    Colonists first brought coffee trees
    to Mexico in 1796; Chiapas’ cool
    rainforest highlands are dotted with
    nineteenth century plantation
    buildings as well as modern
    haciendas for adventure tourists
    exploring Mayan ruins along “the
    Coffee Route.” Farmers and their
    families often live in ejidos,
    landholding cooperatives. From
    here the farmers trek into the
    mountains to harvest the coffee
    cherries, which they port back down
    in heavy sacks for hand sorting and
    Tasting notes: nutty, notes of dark
    chocolate, slight cinnamon
    Sources: fairmountaincoffee.com,

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