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Organic Congo Fair Trade

Organic Congo Fair Trade
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    Organic Arabica, Congo
    In the heart of central Africa lies the
    huge country of the Democratic
    Republic of the Congo (formerly
    Zaire). A sliver of its green eastern
    hills, bordering Rwanda, is now site
    of a revival of high quality coffee
    production devastated by decades
    of war. Farmers’ cooperatives
    source and process beans for the
    international market from among
    the 11,000 small holdings around
    Lake Kivu’s highlands. Specialty
    coffee farming and exporting has
    meant that Congolese no longer
    cross the lake to Rwanda in open
    boats hoping to barter their product
    for food; and that young people can
    look to coffee farming for a safe,
    legal income, rather than turn to
    illegal mining or logging.
    Tasting notes: fruity acidity, spice,
    Sources: royalcoffee,