Organic Bali Blue Moon Dark Roast Fair trade

Organic Bali Blue Moon Dark Roast Fair trade
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    Organic Bali “Blue Moon”
    Bali Blue Moon is grown in the Kintimana
    highlands, a volcanic plateau on the ultimate
    tropical island paradise, Bali, in the
    Indonesian archipelago. The coffee trees
    here are primarily “Bourbon” and “Typica.”
    Bourbon is a variety that became more
    productive after adapting to the soils of the
    island of Bourbon, now Reunion in the
    Indian Ocean, where French colonists
    brought it in the 18th
    century. Today on Bali
    the trees grow in the shade of tangerine,
    orange, and Erythrina (Coral) trees. Coffee
    farming and production is overseen by
    traditional Balinese cooperatives called
    Subak Abians. No pesticides are used and all
    fertilizer is organic.
    Tasting notes: smooth body, outstanding
    chocolate aromas
    Sources:, royalcoffee

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