Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Dark Roast

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Dark Roast

Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Dark Roast
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    Ethiopian Sidamo
     Organic
     Fair trade
    On a map the state of Oromia, in
    Ethiopia, forms a large arc embracing
    almost the entire southwestern
    quadrant of the country. These cool
    highland rainforests are famed for
    their heirloom coffee varieties, such
    as Limu, Yirgacheffe, and Sidamo. The
    coffee tree, Coffee arabica – a
    relative of the gardenia -- is native to
    Ethiopia. Many varieties still grow
    wild there. As in other coffee
    producing lands, small farmers in
    Ethiopia pool their resources in
    farmers’ coops, to share skills and
    export their high quality coffee at a
    fair price to the international market.
    Tasting notes: delicate fruit notes of
    strawberry and citrus; cocoa
    Sources: royalcoffee,
    roasterie.com, coffeelata.com, On
    Food and Cooking (Harold McGee)

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