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A good Idea:

Best fresh Juice

Lou’s Idea: After we opened the bakery in 2005, a newly retired restaurant owner, whom we fondly called Lou Mitchell, became our customer. He liked blueberry muffins and drank coffee. One day, as I poured him a refill, he said, “I will take another muffin, and you should start making breakfast sandwiches.” 

So, we started making breakfast sandwiches. After costing the sandwiches, we charged more than he suggested on our new little menu. 

“The prices are higher than I told you.” He said. 

“Did you retire ten years ago? I said. He smiled.

I tested Lou’s other idea: fresh-squeezed orange juice. I fitted a juicing attachment on a small kitchen-size Kitchen Aid mixer I brought from home. I sliced the orange in half and then pushed it up against the masticating hub, and slowly, the juice filled the cup. Then I cut another, then another, …slowly (this didn’t work well at all)

Thanks for your 19 years of patience. The shiny chrome automatic juicer has arrived!


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